Spray Tanning 

I offer two beautiful tanning solutions

B Gorgeous and Bondi Sands

B.Gorgeous is a revolutionary professional tanning range developed in New Zealand, using only the most natural and or organic ingredients. B.Gorgeous is paraben free and is 100% cruelty free.

- Even Fade Technology

- All natural ingredients and 100% Natural DHA

-Quick drying, non sticky, non oily formula

- Deep absorbing

- Excellent for paler skins

Bondi Sands

Rapid 2HR Tan - you can have your first shower just 2 hours or up to 4 hours for a darker result

Rapid 2 - 4 HR Tan full body


Before Your Tan

Make sure you have completed all shaving / waxing 24 hours prior to your spray tan appointment. Wear no moisturizer, deodorant or perfume the day of your tan as this could act as barrier creme meaning your tan may go patchy.

After Your Tan

Once you have had your spray tan it is important to remember it is developing on your skin, if you do anything to interrupt that process it will change the outcome of your tan.

Before Your First Shower

  • DO NOT rub or touch the tan
  • DO NOT wear tight clothing
  • If you get sprayed topless it is best to leave your bra off
  • DO NOT exercise or do anything that causes sweating
  • DO NOT apply deodorants or perfumes
  • DO NOT do any type of repetitive movement
  • DO NOT get any water on your tan until your ready to wash it off

Home care products  

2 in 1 Tan Extending Lotion -B.Gorgeous 2 n 1 tan extender is a super hydrating moisturizer that is infused with DHA (the active ingredient) in all tanning products that gradually builds a nice healthy looking tan. When used after a spray tan, B.Gorgeous 2 n 1 tan extender will prolong the life of your tan up to a month.